Bogg Bag


$ 50.00

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This is a LIMITED TIME ONLINE EVENT ONLY.  We are cleaning out our warehouse to make room for the many shipments scheduled to arrive over the coming months, which will first go to our small business retailers to support them during this difficult time. The bags we are selling here are still fully functional, beautiful bags that have been pulled for various reasons, including but not limited to:

Samples for photography, use in a trade show, returns, minor scuff marks, minor blemishes, minor dimples, etc.  We have attached pictures showing some of the various reasons.

To monitor the purchases, we must insist that these bags are NOT TO BE RESOLD and are for personal use only.  We will be actively monitoring quantities ordered by individuals and If we learn of anyone selling reselling them, we will immediately pull the sale.  Please do not ruin it for those who are simply trying to get a bag at a discounted price and are not concerned with a minor blemish.  There will be NO returns, exchanges, prior pictures or descriptions.  The sale of these bags is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.  When the color is not able to be added to your cart, it has SOLD OUT.

Happy Shopping!